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Hi there. We went over this assignment in class, but in case you forgot what to do, you are to read your assigned article. There are three articles in this module and each one is being read by a different group. The articles will help us to begin to develop an understanding of what curriculum design involves.


    *By the time we finish this module, to identify different types of syllabi.

    *You will be able to identify and order the main components that go into making a curriculum

    *You will be able to apply your new knowledge about syllabi to courses you are familiar with at OJC.

    *You will summarized their understanding of curriculum and begin to learn about reflective writing.

In class we went through a powerpoint presentation on what we were going to do in this module. If you want to watch the powerpoint presentation again, click on the following link to download it.



Part 1 - Read your assigned article and:

    a) Summarize the article noting the main points
    b) Make an outline of the main points to share with other students
    c) Make a list of question areas that need clarification
    d) For homework make an entry in your journal titled My Understanding of the Parts of Curriculum Design

Part 2- In the next class, you will use the work you have done above (in part 1):
    a) first meet in your article group and prepare to explain your article to the other groups and to clarify any questions you might have.
    b) Then in a new group consisting of one person from each of the three articles, share your article and look for similarities among the articles.
    c) Each group will put some of the similarities on the board.


First, do the two online activities that follow.

Then, type a one page reaction to your readings on curriculum. In the reaction paper, list what you learned and also ask any questions that you may have.

ONLINE ACTIVITY ONE: A word search for different syllabi

ONLINE ACTIVITY TWO: A syllabi matching activity

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